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Bre Thompson

What if I told you the secret to money? That money is just energy and we are 100% in control of earning more money in our lives. Hi 👋🏼Im Bre, your new money coach! I am a former elementary school teacher turned full time entrepreneur creating 12 streams of income while I taught full time. It personally PISSES ME OFF that we are not taught financial literacy in school and it is my mission to educate as many souls as possible on how to become financially free. I learned quickly that being an elementary school teacher was not my final destination. I started to educate myself on how wealthy people think, act, behave. I started to realize the truth about money: it's all energy and if we want to have more money, we must take action and become OPEN to more money. I started to sell digital lesson plans, courses, and masterclasses online. I started to literally make money in my sleep. While going to college to be a teacher I invested into my first real estate property at 25 and my second real estate property at 28. I saw that the more I spent money, the more money came back. I noticed when I shifted my perception about money, more money and opportunities would flow to me easily and effortlessly. This podcast is here to challenge everything you were taught about money and business. I am here to push your limitations around earning, spending, and receiving money. This podcast is for the person looking to create more streams of income, make more money, and create a new money blueprint for not only themselves but for their families as well. I declared early in my life that I was going to break the money cycle I was born into. Now it is your turn. BREAK THE MONEY CYCLE!!! Follow Me on Instagram: brethompsonxoMemberships and Courses: www.highvibeteaching.com