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Bre Thompson

High Vibe Teaching is your weekly, no fluff self development podcast for teachers. High Vibe Teaching the self development you need to instantly improve your life and get through the crap holding you back. Greetings! My name is Bre and I’m your host for the High Vibe Teaching Podcast. When I first started teaching, I was shocked at the daily demands of being an educator. I didnt have the tools or strategies to feel empowered which resulted in depression and anxiety. I simply didnt love teaching and wanted OUT of the profession! I thought these emotions towards teaching were normal and I began to question why no one was talking about the emotional toll of teaching. I knew I was not the only person feeling this way, so I decided to create my YouTube Channel @Bre-tiful Teaching and launch my Teachers Pay Teachers store @Bre-tiful Teaching to help other educators and students in the classroom.Teachers are leaving the profession at alarming rates, and no wonder… teaching is a tough gig! Teachers need the tools to feel empowered and incontrol of daily situations to conquer the daily demands of life! Teaching and life in general does not have to be draining! There are simple tools and strategies that you can implement to help you live a High Vibe life! When teachers are High Vibe, students are High Vibe. Taking time to invest in yourself is the best form of self care. I love working on my own personal growth and feel the world would be a better place if others did the same! I'm going to show you how to become High Vibe so you can enjoy teaching and life in general!It is possible, let me show you how to be High Vibe!Welcome to High Vibe Teaching!
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